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Executive Information

In our Executive Briefing, you will learn about the intricate process of successfully selling a business:

Timing is #1
Many business owners say they’ll sell when they turn 60 or their kids graduate. Personal deadlines are why people often don’t get top dollar for their companies.

Think Outside the Prospecting Box
Competitors, vendors and employees are often the first buyers who come to mind. In fact, almost 50% of last year’s announced deals were from the sellers’ same industry.

However, these groups tend to be economic buyers who are unlikely to invest significant amounts of additional capital. Premium buyers, such as large public companies, see tremendous potential for future growth and are willing to pay for it. Significantly enhance your ability to make a larger deal by targeting them.

Know the Best Buyers and Why They Really Buy
So who exactly are premium buyers? Mostly they are large domestic and international public companies. Regular acquisitions are part of their strategy for diversification, growth and profitability. European buyers are the upper echelon, with more than 70% of their announced transactions involving private companies last year. Not only are they actively seeking North American private middle-market companies for expansion, they are willing and able to pay top prices. They clearly understand they are buying the future – the fastest and easiest way.

Don’t Negotiate Off Your Balance Sheet
An economic buyer will want your financials. Don’t fall into this trap – it’s a tactic to pay the bare minimum based on how a company looks today. In order to get the most return, prove your company’s market value, or future potential, to the buyer. Show what the future could bring if you had capital investment and more resources.

Don’t Fall Victim to Using Formulas
Many business owners mistakenly base their company’s value solely on past performance, rather than on future projections. Our proven M&A process first uncovers each company’s unique, often overlooked features. These distinctive qualities cannot be computed by a formula, yet are vital to negotiating the best deal. With this information, we can then build a growth projection incorporating the full scope of your company’s strengths. The result is an enhanced value for the business, one that could not be predicted by any single formula.

Deal Terms Can Make the Difference
Beware of dollar signs without looking at the fine print. When will you get the money? How much will you get? What about taxes? Deal structure can double your net proceeds or cut them in half. Remember, it’s not what you get; it’s what you keep!

Know the Selling Process
Selling a company may be the single largest economic event of your life, understand what’s involved and walk away a lot more satisfied. Our strategic process gives you the framework professional deal-makers use for multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions. Valuation, market research and prospecting are just a few of these essential steps. Educated sellers create informed buyers. Informed buyers understand value and are willing to pay for it.