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Mergers & Acquisition

Understanding your company’s market value is critical to making smart decisions for the future. Carnegie Financial Group Professional Services team follows a strategic valuation process to determine how much a business is worth and identify potential market opportunities.

Comprehensive Client Analysis

The client completes an in-depth questionnaire to provide information on company resources, personnel, business and marketing plans. This critical step provides the foundation for research and analysis.

Market Research

We perform extensive market research to establish industry-specific historical and projected growth rates, performance ratios and overall industry trends. Market research also helps identify potential growth opportunities and provide support and credibility to the company’s pro forma financial statements.

Recasting and Pro Formas

We recast the company’s past five years’ financials to reflect the business as if it were a wholly owned subsidiary of a larger company. Recasted historical financial statements serve as the basis from which five-year pro formas of income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets can be developed, showing the true financial operating potential of the company.


The result of this process is the Platform, an evaluation document based on extensive research and analyses of a company’s operations, financials and industry. The Platform takes about 120 days to complete and is tailored to specific goals and unique situations.